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High Current BusBar & Charging

The busbar, a multi-layered composite connection bar, boasts repeatable electrical performance, low impedance, robust anti-interference, and high reliability. Its streamlined structure not only saves space but also allows for swift and straightforward assembly. As a high-powered, modular connection component, it is extensively used across various applications including electric power and traction equipment, power switching systems, power generation systems, and power conversion modules of electric equipment.
[Market & Application]
- Power System
- Charing Pile
- UPS system

BASIC type busbar

Fully customized, as per various sizes needed for all kinds of applications in high current asked.
Any additional request as a One-stop solution would be available, including the isolation coating.

LAMINATED type busbar (vibration-absorbing)

Fully customized and constructed from multiple high-conductivity copper pieces that are mainly used for satisfying the applications expecting some reserved buffer for absorbing the vibrations relatively or bringing the flexibilities for those unjoined segments.

BRAIDED type busbar (tolerance-compensating)

Fully customized and crafted from highly conductive copper wires that are mainly used for resolving the unexpected deviation from regular designs with fixed distance or damping vibration somehow as certain compensation or fine-tuning relatively.

TERMINALS for Charging Pile

100% MEET your demand by sharing us the specification you need, included but not limited:
- IEC/ SAC regulated
- AC / DC parts
- 10k cycles or above
- 5A ~ 500A

Mostly used in CABLELESS asked applications:
* EV charging station/ wallbox
* E-motorcycle charging system
* Warehouse robot & drone charging system
* Charging adaptor